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Elevate Typing Experience with Keychron K5 SE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

By Anton Anton Jan 11, 2024 393

In the ever-evolving world of technology, where efficiency and aesthetics converge, the Keychron K5 SE stands out as a game-changer in the realm of mechanical keyboards. Here you can explore the features, design, and functionality of the Keychron K5 SE, a wireless mechanical keyboard designed to enhance your typing experience. Also, you can check price at iRiver for best deal in Sri Lanka for Keychron K5 SE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

Key Features

Ultra-Slim Design
The K5 SE redefines slimness with a low-profile switch that is 40% slimmer than conventional switches. Constructed with a streamlined and reinforced aluminum frame, it promises unmatched comfort during prolonged typing sessions.

Compatibility Across Devices
Seamlessly switch between up to 3 devices via Bluetooth 5.1 with just a slide of a button. The K5 SE ensures multitasking without missing a beat, supporting connection to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, it can be connected to a computer using a type-c cable.

Special Edition Black and White
The K5 SE comes in two timeless colorways – black and white. Made of high-quality double-shot PBT material, the preinstalled LSA profile non-backlit shine-through keycaps offer excellent oil-resistant capability for long-term use.

Ergonomic Angle Design
Two-level adjustable rubber feet enhance typing comfort, making the K5 SE adaptable to individual preferences.

Full-Size Layout
With a 104-key full-size layout, including a number pad, the K5 SE offers convenient access to all essential keys for both Mac and Windows users. It includes dedicated keys such as the Screenshot Key and Siri (Cortana) Key.

Customize your typing experience without soldering. The K5 SE allows easy hot-swapping of Optical or Gateron switches in seconds.

Mechanical or Optical Options
Choose between Gateron mechanical and Keychron optical low-profile switches, catering to individual preferences for linear, clicky, or intermediate typing experiences.

Switch Options

Low-Profile Mechanical
Durable Gateron Mechanical switches provide tactile responsiveness with a 50 million keystroke lifespan, ideal for productivity and gaming.

Low-Profile Optical
Crafted with MX-styled stem housing and ultra-low latency, Keychron optical switches offer lightning-fast typing with a 70 million keystroke lifespan.

Durability and Reliability

The K5 SE boasts an aircraft-grade reinforced aluminum frame, ensuring durability while maintaining an elegantly slim profile. An SGCC galvanized steel plate reinforces the body structure, maintaining stable wireless transmission capability.


  • Color: Black/White
  • Number of Keys: 104 keys
  • Switches: Low Profile Gateron Mechanical/Keychron Optical Switch
  • Main Body Material: ABS+Aluminum Frame
  • Keycap Material: ABS (Backlight Shine Through)/PBT (Non-Backlight Shine Through)
  • Layout: ANSI
  • Polling Rate (Wired Mode): 1000 Hz
  • Polling Rate (Wireless Mode): 90 Hz

Connectivity and Power

  • Backlit Types: 18
  • Backlit: Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit
  • System: Windows/Android/Mac/iOS
  • Battery: 2000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.1
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable

Physical Unit

  • Dimension: 435 x 120 mm
  • Weight: About 673 g / 1.49 lbs
  • Height incl. keycap (front): 17 mm
  • Height incl. keycap (rear): 22 mm
  • Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

The Keychron K5 SE Wireless Mechanical Keyboard redefines the typing experience with its ultra-slim design, customizable switches, and versatile compatibility. Whether you're a professional typist, gamer, or simply seeking a stylish addition to your workspace, the K5 SE stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design. Elevate your typing experience with Keychron's commitment to quality and performance.

Differences between K5 SE and K5

Material Composition
K5 SE: Made with a strong aluminum top and a plastic bottom
K5: Constructed entirely from aluminum

Switch Variety
K5 SE: Introduces a hot-swappable version with low-profile Gateron mechanical switches
K5: Does not have hot-swappable switches

Ergonomic Features
K5 SE: Equipped with adjustable rubber feet for added ergonomic support
K5: Does not have adjustable rubber feet

Price Difference
K5 SE: Priced lower than the K5

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