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PS5 Slim vs Regular: What are the differences?

By Anton Anton Dec 24, 2023 503

Sony has unveiled the much-anticipated PS5 Slim in the end of 2023. Sri Lankan gamers are eager to dive into the details tailored for their context. Following the time-honored tradition of slimming down their consoles midway through the generation, Sony brings us a compact powerhouse with some noteworthy tweaks.

Downsizing Delight
First things first, the size. The PS5 Slim shrinks down considerably, a welcome relief for space-conscious Sri Lankan gamers. The new dimensions, at 96mm in height, 358mm in width, and 216mm in depth for the disc version, and a mere 80mm x 358mm x 216mm for the digital-only model, fit snugly into cozy gaming setups.

Pricing Predicament
When it comes to price, Sri Lankan gamers are keeping a close eye. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive maintains a tag of around LKR 220,000, while the digital-only version sees a slight increase to around LKR 175,000. A bit of head-scratching, especially with the digital-only version costing more than its predecessor.

Storage Solutions
Inside the sleek exterior lies a pleasant surprise – expanded storage. The original PS5's 825GB left some feeling cramped, but the Slim addresses this with a generous 1TB of built-in space. Ideal for Sri Lankan gamers who love to have a variety of games at their fingertips without worrying about external SSDs.

Disc or No Disc
Just like before, the PS5 Slim is available in two models: with a built-in disc drive and a digital-only version. But here's the twist – an optional detachable disc drive is available for purchase at around LKR 25,000. Sony is accommodating the preferences of Sri Lankan gamers who might want the flexibility to switch between physical and digital games.

In summary
The PS5 Slim is a game-changer for Sri Lankan gamers, offering a compact design, expanded storage, and choices tailored to their preferences. The pricing dynamics, influenced by USD to LKR fluctuations, add a layer of consideration for those looking to bring home this gaming marvel. The question remains – to disc or not to disc? Sri Lankan gamers, the choice is in your hands.

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